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            Forbes Insights: The CIO of 2025

            A global survey of 650 enterprise CIOs reveals surprising shifts in responsibilities and priorities over the next five years.

            Explore the Results?

            Customer Experience Begins and Ends with the App Portfolio

            Global Forrester study explores the state of enterprise application portfolios, their ability to create great customer experiences, and the powerful connection between the two.

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            Supercharging Your IT Organization

            Behind every great CIO is a team of high-performing technologists and business leaders. Meet the four new roles essential to modern IT.

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            Accelerated IT Transformation Exemplifies VMware’s Vision

            VMware IT Performance Annual Report 2019

            With our fiscal year coming to a close, I am honored to release our third annual report—“Increasing Business Agility Through Digital Transformation.” As we review our progress of the past year, we wish to share our experiences and learnings with industry leaders and fellow IT organizations. We made outstanding progress in digital transformation as one of our key goals for 2019.

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            CIO Perspectives: Latest News from Bask

            ?The View from Inside the Largest Tech Merger

            ?Executive Perspective: What It Takes to Be a CIO Today

            ?The 4.3 Year CIO: Four Steps to Making an Impact with Every New IT Initiative

            ?Emerging Tech and the CIO


            Demystifying Ku-ber-ne-tes

            Demystifying Ku-ber-ne-tes

            In a recent poll, developers identified Kubernetes as the third “most loved” platform, after Linux and Docker. Now considered a key component of modern application architecture and operations, Kubernetes should be on every CIO's to-do and to-mature list.

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            Seven Cybersecurity Misconceptions Every CIO Should Dispel

            Seven Cybersecurity Misconceptions Every CIO Should Dispel

            The majority of breaches exploit good intentions. Most good intentions start with misconceptions rooted in traditional security models and team structures. Find out if your strategy and IT road map are missing the mark.

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            The Business Value of Digital Employee Experience

            The Business Value of Digital Employee Experience

            Digital transformation is shaping the way organizations compete for customers and employees. According to a new global survey, the companies coming out on top are those that are improving the digital employee experience.

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